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Introducing the Trinity Classic Mortgage Team at Service First Mortgage

At Trinity Classic we’ve partnered with Service First Mortgage to ensure our clients get the best Service and Savings when buying.  Here are few things you can expect when working with them:

Available nights and weekends with no 800 numbers – Let’s face it, buying home isn’t your full time job and you need someone who’s available when you are.  You will have access to the Trinity Classic mortgage team during the evening and even weekends so you can buy on your time.

Loan options that fit your needs – Whether you are putting down 3% or more the Trinity Classic Mortgage Team has the right loan option for you.  As a direct seller / servicer for Ginnie Mae and Fannie Mae the team has the ability to originate FHA, Conventional, VA, USDA, and non-traditional mortgages for home buyers that have unique circumstances such a recent self-employment income, show minimal self employment income on tax returns, and or show large accunt balances without income.

Mortgage Planning and Incentive utilization – With the incentive provided for using the Trinity Classic Mortgage Team at SFMC you can choose to use it your way.  The team will provide high end analytics explaining how you can use the cash incentive to reduce your closing cost and or lower your monthly mortgage payment and interest over the term of the mortgage.  Here’s an example:

Communication and Service – The Trinity Classic Mortgage Team at SFMC will control the entire loan process in house.  Unlike some lenders, we do not broker processing, underwriting, closing, and funding which allows us to have more control and provide better clarity to our clients.  Our goal is to deliver the right mortgage, at the right time, and minimize your anxiety through the process.  During the process, you’ll always be informed with call, email, and text updates. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How long can I lock in a rate?

    You can lock for 60 to 360 days on our program.

    Is there a cost to the Lock + Shop program?

    For 120 to 360 day locks, there is a 0.50% fee that is collected at the time of lock. The lock fee is 100% refunded at closing.

    How does the lock work?

    Your rate is locked in advance for the term you select when you apply with the lender. Your locked rate protects you from rising interest rates while you shop and select your new home. If rates rise above your locked rate, then you received your locked rate at closing if rates stay the same or go down, you can exercise your float down within 60 days of closing to current market rates. There is no cost to the float down and you receive the best available rate.

    What loan programs are available?

    Here's the good news. Our Lock + Shop program is available on all conventional, FHA, VA, and USDA loan programs. Our team has many financing options available to you.

    Mortgage Calculator

    $1,527.71Total Amount Per Month*
    • Principal & Interest: 1,077.71
    • Taxes: 275.00
    • Fees / Dues: 175.00

    Buy Points & Save Monthly

    PointsPoint CostNew Interest RateNew Monthly PaymentChart
    0.25$6003.44%$1,519 (-$8)
    0.50$1,2003.38%$1,511 (-$17)
    0.75$1,8003.31%$1,503 (-$25)
    1.00$2,4003.25%$1,494 (-$33)
    2.00$4,8003.00%$1,462 (-$66)
    3.00$7,2002.75%$1,430 (-$98)
    4.00$9,6002.50%$1,398 (-$129)
    5.00$12,0002.25%$1,367 (-$160)

    When working with the calculator, please remember the dollar amounts displayed aren’t guaranteed, and what you actually pay may be different. The estimates you receive are for illustrative and educational purposes only.